Former IDS students' comments on the IDS master program

Academic year 2018-2019

Students of the 2019-2020 academic year:
"It has been two years since I graduated from my bachelor’s in Economics but only five months since I moved to France and started this Master’s. These last few months have made more of an impact to me than the 4 years of study I had in my university and the year of work experience. I think I’ve found the field I would like to continue to stay in, the passion I would like to keep pursuing and the critical mindset that I would like to keep harnessing." (Marielle, IDS program 2019-2020)

"What I appreciate about the IDS masters program is the comprehensive foundation in Development Studies that it provides, with its thesis and internship components providing valuable opportunities to gain research skills and practical experience in the field. For aspiring and current development professionals, the program's emphasis on development alternatives (e.g. local grassroots innovations, social and solidarity economy) will be especially helpful in refining one's philosophy and plans of 'doing development' in the 21st century." (Emille, IDS program 2019-2020)

Student of the 2018-2019 academic year:
The radical interpretation of development is how I now describe IDS when people ask me what I studied. I say we look at local solutions to global problems, and creative ways people are disrupting the capitalist system. To me, this is the most valuable thing we have studied.  (Christina, IDS program 2018-2019)

Former students:
“Looking back on the last few months, I can definitely say that it was a positive and memorable experience. IDS provided me with lots of information and I gained a great amount of knowledge within the current development field. Furthermore, I really enjoyed the fieldtrips and practical projects since it gave me a constructive and helpful view of what is to come once I will hit the job market for real. I feel very strongly that IDS gave me a solid base for a great future in development with a main focus on local development projects, grassroots movements, participatory methods and capacity building.” (Sanne, IDS program 2015-2016)

“It was such an eye-opening experience which allowed me to learn more about myself and the world we live in. These are valuable experiences that not all studies can provide us with.” (Denisa, IDS program 2014-2015)

"I am grateful I embarked a journey which proved to be thought-provoking. Since the start of this master’s programme, I’ve had many great moments of insight. It’s best described in terms of seeing an upside-down world map the first time, or realizing that the words of your favourite song you had entirely misunderstood for a long time, or perhaps seeing Acropolis in Athens and marveling at it. This, I’m thankful for. I feel that something’s changed in my way of thinking, and I sure hope these seeds will continue to grow.”  (Alva, IDS program 2013-2014).
“Thank you for this eye-opening program” (Elisabeth, IDS program 2013-2014)