Thesis and oral defense

Instructions for the oral defense

Follow the procedure below to prepare for the oral defense of your thesis :

1. A defense date must be set according to the instructions and procedures of your course manager.

2. If you need specific equipment on the day of your presentation (laptop, speakers, etc...), please fill in the equipment loan form and send it as soon as possible to

3. Book the room for your defense by writing to (room selection varies depending on your Master's track).

4. On  the day of the defense, print out the following three documents :
(1) these defense certificate  
(2) Thesis storage and distribution authorization form
(3) Alumni questionnaire (IUGA alumni network) to fill in online.
Complete documents (1) and (2) and present them to the jury on the day of your defense,

5. On the day of the thesis defense :
- the members of the jury complete the thesis defense certificate with the final grade and their signatures (1). Once completed, the certificate  is sent to the IUGA administration by the jury members for deliberation.
- After the deliberation, download or retrieve from the IUGA library the thesis storage and distribution form, which authorizes the publication of your thesis on the Dumas database,

6. After the oral presentation, an electronic version of your dissertation should be deposited in the library along with the storage and distribution form. In case the jury requests revisions to the thesis, the student should provide a modified version within 3 months.

Only one file is to be submitted in pdf format, i.e. by :
- Sending the file to
- USB key to the library
- FileSender (Secure transfer of large files)

Diffusion of Masters theses

Master's theses with the grade of 15 and above are stored and published on the national open archive base DUMAS (Dépôt Universitaire de Mémoires Après Défenance).

N.B.: the author can ask for a embargo (from 15 days to 10 years) before the distribution of his work, if he or she wishes to continuetheir research in their studies. In accordance with the 1978 law "Informatiques et libertés", law, modified in 2004 and 2018, the author may at any time modify or withdraw the authorization for dissemination by notifying the Documentation Centre, which undertakes to take the necessary steps.
Published on  July 16, 2019
Updated on February 27, 2023