Master's degrees in Geography, Planning, Environment, and Development and Urban Planning and Development

They offer a wide range of courses in initial and ongoing education.

These courses prepare students for jobs in city planning, regional planning (urban, peri-urban, rural and mountainous areas), the environment (natural risks, protected areas), geographic information and community development. This in order to support and facilitate transitions, in close connection with socio-economic and professional, public, semi-public, non-profit and private stakeholders, including within the framework of work-study and apprenticeship programs.
Workshops, hands-on training in the field and professional internships are at the heart of the programs, which use active, collaborative and participatory learning approaches: learning by doing, flipped classroom, creativity workshops, hackathons...

Two Fab Labs (South Campus Grenoble, in partnership with the Grenoble School of Architecture; and PERCO Pradel, in Ardèche) are being developed in cooperation with stakeholders and resident of those territories.

A bilingual master's program trains students to understand international issues and for different contexts of territorial action. Teaching projects are organized with international partners in all major geographic areas of the world.

Students are fully involved in their training and professional integration thanks to dynamic associations (Alumni, Student Bureau, City Trotter) and to the activity of the Junior Enterprise "Junior of the territories".
Graduate School Metro FabLab
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Published on  July 16, 2019
Updated on February 17, 2023