Master's in Geography, Planning, Environment and Development

New training offer 2021/2027 being updated

The Social and Human Sciences Master's degree in Geography, Planning, Environment, and Development (Géographie, Aménagement, Environnement, Développement) prepares students for careers in the cultural, socio-economic, and environmental aspects of the geography and planning disciplines. This graduate program trains students to understand the geographical and societal issues of different fields: territorial planning, local project management and development, transitions, sustainable development, and resource and environmental management.

Note: On the occasion of the new training offer,
This program has 6 different spacializations :

Four two-year track comprise the program's core curricula :

- M1 + M2 GEOIDES : GEOgraphy - Information - Interfaces - Sustainability - EnvironmentS
- M1 + M2 GEOPOESICE : GEOgraphy, Power, Spaces, Justice, Environment
- M1 + M2 GEOMAS : GEOmatics and Spacial AnalysiS

Two one-year (M2) tracks explore specialized themes :
- M2 GEOSPHERES : GEOgraphies, eSPaces, Man/Environment, Resources, Systems
- M2 TIT : Tourism, Innovation, Transitions

The core curriculum of the GAED Master’s degree is built around a theoretical foundation based on introductions to research methods and project management; a thematic foundation focused on the concepts of resources, territories, and sustainability; and a methodological foundation based on the collection, processing, visualization, and communication of geographical data.  
Published on  July 16, 2019
Updated on October 5, 2023