Academic registration

Academic registration

This procedure consists of selecting and enrolling in classes for the academic year. It also allows you to be assigned to seminar work groups. Academic registration can only be carried out once your administrative registration has been approved.

Registration for the first semester's ETCs is compulsory via the web and takes place in september:

➢ ETC' forum : Mercredi 06/09/2023 de 13h30 à 17h00
➢ IPweb : du Jeudi 07/09/2023 à 10h00 au Lundi 25/09/2023 à 16h00
➢ Guichet unique (ETC Sports, Langues et Interdisciplinaires pour les retardataires) : du Mardi 26/09/2023 au Mardi 03/10/2023 - de 10h00 à 14h00 - Accueil du Bâtiment Pierre Mendès France

Start of ETC : Lundi 18/09/2023

Consult the list of electives and their application deadlines on the ETC page.

Published on  July 16, 2019
Updated on September 5, 2023