Program structure

Training offer 2021-2025 currently being updated and awaiting the official validation by the Committee on education and university life (CFVU).

TRUST offers a first-year (M1) and second-year (M2) Master program. It is possible to apply only to the second-year master.

The M1 is mainly thought in French, while the M2 is mainly thought in English. For the M2, a B1 language proficiency in French is required.

First-year Master (M1)

Almost exclusively thought in French, the M1 has a strong common core curriculum shared with other Urbanism and Planning’s masters.

Details concerning the teaching units for each semester are given below.

Semester 1

M1 Trust program specific Teaching Units:
  • Development: Beyond the North-South divide 
  • Solidarités et territoires
  • Montage de projets en coopération internationale
  • A workshop that will take place in Grenoble on social and solidarity themes

Semester 2

M1 Trust program specific Teaching Units:
  • Pouvoirs et dynamiques urbaines

Second-year Master (M2) - option with internship

Please note: course titles are displayed in the language of teaching.

For the students interested in taking the "apprenticeship option", please check the web page in French.

Semester 3, Teaching Units (TU)

TU Theories for studying urban transformations (6 ECTS)
  • Sustainable transformations: concepts and methods
  • City as Text
  • Option: Spatial planning in Europe / or /  Héritages et communs
TU Challenges and strategies for sustainable cities (9 ECTS)
  • Management of urban transformations, challenges and risks 1
  • Management of urban transformations, challenges and risks 2
  • Affordable and sustainable housing in Europe
  • Option: Perspectives globales sur l'habitat et le foncier / or / Urban transformations and tourism
TU Transformative practice in professional context (9 ECTS)
  • Planning workshop
  • International workshop
TU Co-production and digital mapping methods (6 ECTS)
  • Local building cultures for sustainable and resilient human settlements
  • Methods to observe and map urban transformations and mobilities
  • Option: Anglais / ou / Français langue étrangère (FLE) / or / Langue étrangère vivante
TU Individual professional and research plan (3 ECTS)
  • Introduction and professional plan. Comprising two courses: Kick-off workshop, that will take place at CERMOSEM, the IUGA's rural campus / and / Internship preparation
  • International research conferences
  • Research methodology. Comprising two courses: Research methods and techniques / and / Methodology of Master Thesis

Semester 4

UE Internship (9 ECTS)
    • 3 to 6 months internship in France or abroad
    UE Master's thesis (18 ECTS)
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    Updated on June 23, 2021