Digital services

CRIP-IUGA IT department

Located at the Cité des Territoires and Pradel campuses, IUGA's Community Information Resource Centre (CRIP) maintains the infrastructure and basic services, supports daily activities, assists with research projects and offers a wide range of IT services to IUGA staff and students.

The team

Alain LAMOUR (+33) 4 76 74 80 89 department head
Sami DKHIL (+33) 4 76 74 80 88 Assistant engineer
Florian SANCASSANI (+33) 4 76 74 74 80 90
Nicolas ROBINET (Cermosem) (+33) 4 75 36 30 55 Assistant engineer


  • All requests for assistance/report of equipment malfunction must be sent via e-mail to
  • operation of the teaching platform,
  • operation of DGD-SI networks.


The CRIP-IUGA department aims to ensure access to essential IT services by providing its users with the appropriate infrastructure and resources. The CRIP-IUGA department is comprised of 4 professional computer scientists, working in a wide range of fields in relation with the DGD-SI for IUGA’s professor-researchers and researchers at the PACTE laboratory.
Published on  July 16, 2019
Updated on November 10, 2023