Master's in Urban Planning and Development

One Master's degree, six different tracks

New training offer 2021/2027 being updated

The Master's degree "Urban Planning and Development" is a multidisciplinary and international program that prepares students for the urban planning professions.

Note: UCI and ICUP formations merge with IDS and become TRUST. For geography training courses, please visit the Master's page "Geography, Planning, Environment, Development" (GAED).

This program is structured over two years of progressive study and is designed around 6 tracks :
  • M1 + M2 UPU : Urban Planning and Projects
  • M1 + M2 DU :  Urban Design
  • M1 + M2 AUEP : Architecture, Urban planning, Political Studies
  • M1 + M2 IDATT : Engineering of Development and Planning of Territories in Transition
  • M1 + M2 TRUST : Transformative Urban Studies
  • M2  MOBAT: Property Project Management

These programs, open to students through degree-granting and continuing education modes, feature courses taught by researchers and practitioners who, throughout the four semesters of study, alternate between theoretical approaches, practical methods, and professional training via various teaching formats (e.g. lectures, seminars, tutorials, individual or group work, project or research workshops, final projects).

Successfully completing the Master's degree requires a substantial investment from the student, which will speak to the strength of his or her commitment to the profession.
Published on  July 16, 2019
Updated on November 22, 2021