Administrative registration is a quite complex procedure, but needed!
Here a sort of guide that will help you to get through it… Follow it step by step and you will make it through!

For the French students, you can easily follow this link (procedure in French):

For the non-francophone students, here it is!

Be careful: two different procedures are in place to the ones who applied via the ecandidat platform and the ones who applied via Campus France - PEF)

A. Ecandidat plateform (5 steps are needed) :
  1. Pay the CVEC ("contribution to student and campus life": 90 EUR) via an ad hoc website. To register to the website:
  2. After registration, you will receive a document certifying that you paid the CVEC tax. You will find there your "CVEC code". Note it down, you will have to give it later on...
  3. Register through this webpage (yes, another one!): The plateform will ask you to give your OPI number (you find it in the ecandidat plateform) and your date of birth. Second step: fill in the information requested (first name, last name, etc.). At one point you will be asked to give the CVEC code. You got it at step 2.
  4. In order to finish your administrative registration you still have to submit some requested documents. Please do it here (yes, a new website!):
  5. Now you are registered and you can get your tuition certificate via the LEO intranet (, under the heading "Mon dossier web". The login details for the LEO student intranet will be sent to you in the e-mail confirming your registration.

B. Campus France - PEF :
  1. Call the IUGA to get an appointment for the administrative registration ( You can also contact Nadia Lachkar via email (, but it is easier if you call. Nadia or Bénédicte will give you an appointment.
  2. When you go to the appointment, be prepared to pay the tuition fees (about 250 EUR). Please note: you cannot pay cash, only via credit card or "chèque".