IT support

For students and staff :  how to access computer rooms, equipment and other digital tools....

Computer rooms

Several computer rooms equipped with Windows workstations are available on the 1st floor: In the new "Cité des Territoires" (CDT) building, there is also 1 self-service room (2203) and a "Workshop" room (2101).
  • TD and TP rooms of the Geography building (rooms 1110, 1111, 1113 and 1114) are equipped with 15 workstations, allowing access to GIS teaching servers in remote offices.
  • TD and TP rooms of the Cité des Territoires building (rooms 2201 and 2202) are equipped with 25 workstations, allowing access to GIS teaching servers in remote offices.
  • TD and TP rooms of the former Urban Planning building (rooms 108 and 116) are equipped with 15 workstations, with urban planning tools (AutoCAD, Sketchup) and without remote office access. A self-service room (No. 1112) also includes an A3 scanner.
In the Térritoires building, there is also 1 self-service room (2203) and a "Workshop" room (2101).

Please take care of the equipment, and inform the IT department promptly in case of defects. Please remember that it is forbidden to eat in computer rooms; an unmarked room is reserved for this purpose (1105 in the Urban Planning building).


Many geographical software programs are used on the teaching servers and user workstations. These include office software such as MS Office, XLSTAT, Adobe Suite, and their free equivalents LibreOffice, Gimp, InkScape, and Scribus. Available desktop GIS software include ArcGIS, QGIS and MapInfo, while server software (GIS or non-GIS) such as Apache, PHP, PostgreSQL, and GeoServer are also available.

IUGA has an annual student subscription for ArcGIS software, with all extensions (licenses valid for one year). IUGA students wishing to avail of this subscription should contact the CRIP service (

Geographical data

Geographic data are used for teaching and research. These data come from various organizations such as IGN, INSEE and BRGM.  Most of this data is under convention and access is restricted. For research,
  • IUGA maintains this dataset  for the researcher's use.
  • For teaching, limited datasets are offered to students during TD and TP sessions.
> For any requests, please contact the CRIP

Booking and loan of equipment

IUGA provides you with computer and audio-visual equipment: video projectors, laptops, camcorders, APNs, GPS, dictaphones, speakers.

Equipment reservation and loans must be carried out via the CRIP-Geo IT department’s procedures. Be careful: the borrowed equipment must never remain in the rooms after use - consult the reservation procedures posted in the computer rooms.


As part of the UGA's sustainability plan, centralized and shared printers have been implemented to reduce printing costs and energy consumption. They are located on the floors of your respective departments and services.
Students can use these printers with their student card. Instruction on how to use these are displayed above each printer.

Personal cloud storage

IUGA offers each employee an electronic mailbox (cloud storage) with a capacity of 1 GB. Access is via Zimbra webmail. Please note that this address is mandatory for all contacts with the university.


UGA offers wireless network coverage at all oh its campuses. More information can be found on the DGDSI website. Two networks can be used to acces to the IUGA wireless network :
  • WiFi-Campus: this network can only be used by regstered IGA employees and students who have signed the IT charter.
  • Eduroam:  the international educational wifi network.
Published on  July 16, 2019
Updated on April 21, 2020