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A merger of two libraries

The IUGA library is fully integrated into Universté Grenoble Alpes centralized library system.

It is the result of the merger of the libraries of the Institut d'Urbanisme de Grenoble and the Institut de Géographie Alpine.

Located on the second floor of the Geography building in the Cité des Territoires, it now offers access to:

  • nearly 58,000 topographic, geological and thematic maps: all parts of the world are represented, but most of the collection is about France
  • 15,000 aerial photographs and 300 satellite images
  • specialized field equipment (GPS, surveyor's chains, etc.)
  • 27,000 monographs,
  • various journals-student these
  • dissertations - digital resources

Special collections

  • Rhône-Alpes regional fund for urban planning and transportation
  • Maurice Pardé fonds: unique in France for its memory of ancient hydrometeorological phenomena, which enable a better understanding of similar ongoing cases (both in France and abroad). It facilitates analysis of watersheds, rivers and streams.
  • Helbronner funds
Published on  July 16, 2019
Updated on February 27, 2023